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Brief Facts: The Human Security Research Centre-Gh (HSRC-Gh)


Purpose. The Human Security Research Centre (Gh), (HSRC-Gh) is a Civil Society Organisation that focuses on advocating Human Security as the appropriate concept and approach for the protection and empowerment of individuals and local communities in the pursuit of local initiatives within rural communities in order to ensure local resilience and overall national stability. The HSRC-Gh is a Non-Governmental Centre made up of Practitioners and Researchers in the field of Human Security. 

Our Vision. To pursue the protection and empowerment of individuals and local communities through the advocacy of individual citizens and communities as the appropriate referent objects of National Security and Development planning, design and implementation, as well as decentralization and devolution of power. 

Our Mission. To advocate the protection and empowerment of communities through the Human Security approach in order that the individual community members live in dignity in peaceful resilient communities.

Our Motivation. Our motivation derives from the fact that Human Security is too important to be left to Governments alone; the notion of Power to the People; the need for decentralization and devolution of power to local communities; the need to build local community institutions that ensure self-reliance, resilience and accountability within local communities in order to facilitate Job creation, Local Economic Development and overall national stability. 

Core Values of HSRC-Gh.  As a Civil Society Organization, HSRC-Gh values the clear identification of the vulnerabilities and threats to individual local communities and the shaping of appropriate response to ensure community resilience and overall national stability. HSRC-Gh thus seeks to advocate a Human Security response approach to the threats and vulnerabilities of local communities by bringing together the local authorities, community leaders, family members, youth, women, the local private sector, and all credible voices in vulnerable communities in the shaping of response through:

a.Monitoring of vulnerable communities, conduct of related policy research, advocacy and development of response proposals; 

b.The promotion of decentralization, devolution of power, local community awareness creation and mobilization for good governance at the local level; 

c.Advocacy of Good Governance, Equity, Transparency and Accountability in the allocation and use of resources from Central Government for local community projects and activity. 

d.Promotion of Human Security in local communities…

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