(Under Construction) At the time the Charter of the United Nation was adopted, the idea of Human Security was rooted in the interaction of States. The preamble of the Charter opens withe the words " We the peoples of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generartions from the scourge of war ... ." The issues of Peace and Security, as well as economic and social progrees and Human Rights, were and to a large extent still are seen as matters within the purview of individual states, their territories and their institutions

World Order

League of Nations -  the first attempt to build an organized international community ideologically driven improvisation in specific historical circumstances.

  • Uneven Globalization.
  • Nothing is ever settled.
  • Theory weaknesses.
  • International political economy.
  • Epistemology and Ontology.
  • Universal Human Community not in sight.

Globalization increasingly defines the context of economic and social develoment in the world. It is therefore a core issue in the analysis of wealth and poverty.

Globalization-Economic process- production distribution management and finance and Sociological process - social acivity - communication, culture , ideology,

Types of states in the current International system

IR Theory after the Cold War Georg Sorensen